Stock is always coming in and going out of the actual shop,
so if you can't find what you're after, check back every few days.

(Also there're are only so many hours in the day,
so items may have been sold and not marked here yet.)

Last update: 13th February 2018.


Fernandes Strat with built in
Sustainer £300

Kids Guitar £25

Ion Strat £65

On Special Offer:

Collectible 1960's Kay Concorde Now Reduced to £140

Encore Single humbucker now Reduced to £45

Ramon Acoustic Now Reduced to £50

GHS Wah Wah pedal £25

More Guitars below :-)


We have a lot of Primal Scream tee shirts in stock, that were donated by the band themselves as well as some new Rock 'N' Roll Rescue Teeshirts. The Primal Scream tee shirts start from £5, The Rock N Roll Rescue tee shirts are £10. We also have a number of XRay Spex teeshirts which are £10. Also in stock are a number of unique custom made teeshirts, pop in to the store to see them. :-)

The Primal Scream tee shirts are available in S,M,L,XL and ladies S as are the Xray Spex Teeshirts.

Various One Off Custom made
Tee's from £10

Custom Stones Tee Shirt
Medium - £10
Custom shirt - Medium

ladies RNRR tee shirt
mens Primal Scream TeeShirt mens RNRR tee shirt
ladies Primal Scream TeeShirt mens Primal Scream tee shirt
mens Primal Scream TeeShirt mens RNRR tee shirt
Ladies! :-) Small Tee £10

Kinky Policewoman's outfit  £25

Drums and Percussion

Bass Drum Pedals - L-R £10 £20 £50 £50 £20 £20

Black Bongos - £30

Bongos - £25

Various Drumheads for £5 each (larger ones also
available for £10 each)

Cymbal Stand - £10

Guitars and basses etc:

 Most of the guitars are set up by genius guitar guru Philippe Dubreuille so they play very well.
(Note: you won't be able to blame the instrument if you play badly!)

Fender Squier Bullet Almost NEW £115

Electro Acoustic £120

Fender Squire Strat £60

Unique 1 string tennis raquet electric guitar,

with working pickup.

Ideal for playing slide. £35

Acoustic Guitar £120

Mini Acoustic - £35

Romanian acoustic, vintage 1950's
design £70

Wesley 24 Fret Guitar £160

EastCoast Strat £85

Acoustic Guitar £65

Samick SM10 10W Practise amp £30

Ibanez 10W Practise amp £80

We also have a wide range of guitar strings starting from £5. The cheapest in Camden!

Custom Guitars by Philippe Dubreuille



£ P.O.A Contact Philippe


Haunted Japanese guitar - SOLD!


Roland D5 £100


Hitachi SDT-7785 £250

Technics Music Centre £150

Wholenote CH-170 Chorus Pedal £30

SS-3 HCI-TC 70W FL White Lights X6 £60 each

Custom Turntable with USB socket £40

Gemini XL-300 turntable  £55
Sony DTC working DAT player  £60


Black Beauty Vintage Italian Organ £300

Tin Car - £90

Various music books and magazines

Cheap and Cheerful Jewellery - £ Various


Kiss Figures £65 each

Beyerdynamic Soundstar MKII Microphones £70


Metal Treasure Chest £70


Dead Boys, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

Records and CDs:

We've got masses of vinyl, DVDs and CD, always changing.

Clothes and boots/shoes:

(Above: Lollipop heading for a night out!)
We've currently got an enormous amount of Goth/"Rock Chick" clothes and shoes and boots. We also have lots of band T-shirts, regular T-shirts, including Camden ones made by a local, and please check out the ones customised by our volunteers!

Plus we have hundreds of 80's/90's NME's, SOUNDS and MELODY MAKER's. Come in and take a look!!

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