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so if you can't find what you're after, check back every few days.

(Also there are only so many hours in the day,
so items may have been sold and not marked here yet.)

Last update: 04 March 2020


Epiphone "Gothic" Les Paul £175


BlueRock Strat £85


  Kustom KLA 10W amp £18

  Size 5 Made In England, 1991, Doc's £150





  Marshall MB4-210 300W bass combo £150

RCL 400W 2X10 bass Cab £80




  RCL Bass Cab 400W 1X15 £80




  Solex SX-101 10W amp £30
  Boss CEB3 Bass Chorus £40






On Special Offer:

  Vintage Vox amp from the 1960's £1500

RockNRollRescue Tee Ladies Small signed
by Sylvain Sylvain and Alison Gordy £40

  RockNRollRescue Tee Ladies Small signed
by Sylvain Sylvain and Alison Gordy £40

RockNRollRescue Tee Ladies Small signed
by Sylvain Sylvain and Alison Gordy £40

Signed Dickies Tee Mens Small £20


More Guitars below :-)


We have a lot of Primal Scream tee shirts in stock, that were donated by the band themselves as well as some new Rock 'N' Roll Rescue Teeshirts. The Primal Scream tee shirts start from £5.

The Rock N Roll Rescue tee shirts are £10. We also have a number of XRay Spex teeshirts which are £10.

Also in stock are a number of unique custom made teeshirts, pop in to the store to see them. :-)

The Primal Scream tee shirts are available in S,M,L,XL and ladies S as are the Xray Spex Teeshirts.

mens Primal Scream TeeShirt mens RNRR tee shirt
ladies Primal Scream TeeShirt mens RNRR tee shirt
mens Primal Scream TeeShirt   Various Band Tee Shirts £10
Various band Tshirts £4

Guitars and basses etc:

 Most of the guitars are set up by genius guitar guru Philippe Dubreuille so they play very well.
(Note: you won't be able to blame the instrument if you play badly!)

1960's Kay Les Paul £150


  Black "Super Strat" £75



Epiphone Les Paul £320

Fernandez "Strat" £120


  Acoustic Guitar £75

  Squier Strat £80


We also have a wide range of guitar strings starting from £5. The cheapest in Camden!

Custom Guitars by Philippe Dubreuille



£ P.O.A Contact Philippe



Knox's Marshall 100W JCM 800 head £850


Laney Bass Head £60


  Fender 25R amp £50

Marshall MK2 JMP Amp 50W £950


 Carlsbro Sherwood Junior Amp £60
Jim Harley 10W amp £25




  Peavey KB/A 15 Keyboard amp £50

Hiwatt Bass 4X12 Cab £500

Ampeg BA 100 amp £150

Effects pedals

  DOD Basstec Bass FX Unit £100


  Columbus Chorus £30


Haunted Japanese guitar - SOLD!


Ion "iProfile" USB turntable £50

  Sony F417R Stereo Amp £120

Technics Music Centre £150  
Hitachi SDT-7785 £240

  Stageline PA550 Power Amp £60

Ramsa WP 9110 Power Amp £60




Cheap and Cheerful Jewellery - £ Various
Kiss Figures £65 each

Beyerdynamic Soundstar MKII Microphones £70

Various music books and magazines
Steve Conte -NYC signed CD £30


Neil Young Official Release Discs 8.5-12 £50

Various Guitar Straps from £10


Roland TR505 £120


Dead Boys, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

Records and CDs:

We've got masses of vinyl, DVDs and CD, always changing.

Clothes and boots/shoes:

(Above: Lollipop heading for a night out!)
We've currently got an enormous amount of Goth/"Rock Chick" clothes and shoes and boots. We also have lots of band T-shirts, regular T-shirts, including Camden ones made by a local, and please check out the ones customised by our volunteers!

Plus we have hundreds of 80's/90's NME's, SOUNDS and MELODY MAKER's. Come in and take a look!!

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